There is a lot that you can do as a volunteer to help desperately needy children. You can make a donation and with the donated money, you will provide them with school supplies, school fee, clothes and good health treatment. You can also decide to volunteer in our Happy Children Home  where children are in need of unconditional love, attention, skills and education so that they can have a bright and successful future,  poverty-alleviation and filled with feelings of equality, felicity and prosperity which simply means the same joy and opportunities as others.

You will be staying in our home with our family and help children with every day activities. You can also help us with sponsoring our organization or sharing information about us so that we will get more help and support from other countries.

Another very nice thing to do is to write letters to our children. They love to make friends and practice English and this is a great opportunity for you, to get to know our culture, way of life and make some new friends and this is a great opportunity for you to get to know about our people, our culture and our way of life from the beginning.

If you decide to stay in our children home, you can take the children on excursions, such as going to a Children park, museum or the swimming pool and help them with every day activities.

Volunteers do not have to pay for food and accommodation but the volunteers are required to pay flight, insurance and VISA cost. They are also required to pay small admin fee for HCH to process the application.

Through volunteering, we also expect an exchange of  foreign culture, language and get work exposure from one another.  We want our children to learn skills from volunteers through various different activities and becomes socially responsible youths to  implement their experience for the overall development of the country. Their knowledge and experience can be well utilized for the advancement of backward communities. We want our youths to represent the nation, people and culture and set better identity in international arena.

Want to Volunteer? You’ve got three options:

  1. Complete the form and one of our team will get back to you.

  2. Email your details and CV to info@happychildrenhome.org

  3. Call us on +9779803555230 for your queries on volunteering

    "We’ll assess your application and send you a Volunteer Pack to get you started."