Support a project

There are many ways to support the projects of Happy Children Home (HCH) and many degrees of involvement. You can choose to make a donation without further participation or you can actively involve yourself in all phases of a project.

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As a private project investor acting alone or as a family you have the opportunity to engage yourself in the project through active involvement and visits. Please look through our list of planned projects and see if you want to support them. You are also welcome to contact us and tell us about your own ideas. We may be able to adjust the project to meet your wishes.

As a company you will benefit from project investments in your advertising, marketing or CSR strategy, for example by selecting a project where there is a need for the company’s know-how. As a company you will be collaborating closely with the Foundation, so you constantly receive the information you want regarding the project. Contact us to share your wishes and ideas.

Foundations and associations often have an object clause that can be fulfilled by designing a project that meets their purpose. Impoverished people have needs that your foundation or association can help fulfill in every possible way. Please contact us to arrange a meeting, where we can discuss your ideas.

Groups of investors that work together (or equally led by us) on a specific project, are able to organize themselves and agree upon how much the participants want to involve themselves in the project. Some might be particularly interested in financing, while others want to be a part of the project management process or the more practical/technical side of the project. Yet others may prefer only to donate money without further participation. Please look through our planned projects and see if you could be interested in joining one. Or contact us to share your ideas.

Basic donations without further involvement are of course more than welcome. Donation can be made  below or under "Donate Now"


If you would like to contribute to Happy Children Home, you can transfer an amount of your choice to our Bank account. Please also fill in the form  with your name, e-mail and message to receive updates about the fund’s performance, supporter meetings, events, etc.


 You can  contribute to Happy Children Home by buying drawings done by one of our children named DAWA SHERPA. Please find drawings here: