Environment and Conservation Program

Improve Nepal’s Water Resources by Conducting Water Research Program Nepal’s water resources are getting depleted.  While water sources dry up, flash floods destroy homes and lives.  And as existing water sources continue to be polluted with human, animal and chemical waste, remaining resources are inadequately managed.  Industry, agriculture and an increasing population are all in competition for Nepal’s precious water resources. More than 4.4 million people in Nepal do not have access to safe drinking water, either through pipes, wells, rainwater or bottles.  Over two thirds do not have access to improved sanitation facilities.  Consequently, nearly 2000 Nepali children die from diarrhea related diseases every year. No satisfactory preventive measurement like water research, public awareness, and sanitation programs are conducted from government and non-government sector. We  conduct major research on water resources and sanitation, while collaborating with and creating awareness in the local community. We also involve volunteers who are at the water source taking samples in the lab analyzing samples, they could be in the office creating data analysis reports of their findings. HCH’s primary mission is the empowerment of marginalized communities, with a focus on   children.   Much of our work takes place at community level, however, we seek to invest in solutions to national challenges, for without these the sustainability of our projects and the chance of community independence will be menaced.