Though Nepal is rich in natural beauty and its own culture, it is also known for a “FOSTER HOME” to more orphans children than most of other countries due to a very high poverty rate, lack of government’s scheme for reducing unemployment and political instability.

The government is unable to provide any type of welfare plan for disadvantaged and underprivileged families. So child abandonment is a very common occurrence in poor communities where the parents can barely provide for themselves. Other factors effecting Nepal are high number of orphans, domestic violence and social discrimination.

We, Happy Children Home, were emerged in 2011 with selfless motives of social support for these abandoned children, supporting 20 children as family members and helping them as many as possible.

The 20 children, age 4 to 17 are all going to the English medium private schools, colleges and doing well. Many of them have stood Number one in their class. They have recently moved from their minimal housing to a large and well equipped house, with clean and cozy dorm rooms, running water, gas kitchen and bathrooms.

Two rather large gardens have been established, where organic food is grown for the benefit of all. The older children happily participate in the garden and learn some additional traits in the process.



Happy Children Home
Happy Children Home