HCH Policies:

We are well committed to meeting the challenges that come to pass in contemporary society and are solely devoted to safeguard those children under our aegis for their welfare and their all round development.

  • Registration of HCH under Dalit Oppressed Welfare Association.
  • Behavior Management
  • Anti bullying environment
  • Accommodation care with regulations
  • Consent to medical treatment
  • Equality and diversity
  • Transparency about aid/donation
  • HCH supervision
  • HCH reviews
  • Ownership of pets for HCH
  • Promoting the Health of the Looked After Children
  • Monitoring under supervision of government body (WCO) on regular basis
  • Feedback Process


HCH Standards:

Nationally HCH has met the following standards with the principles and values essential for Fostering Children. 

  • Understanding of key roles for the children our aegis.
  •  Health and Safety for the children and implementation of Health Care guidelines.
  • Neat, clean and well equipped accommodation with cozy dorm rooms.
  • Enormous space for children to play and conduct cultural programs of the children.
  • Effective communication
  • Keeping the  children and Young People safe from harm
  • All round development of Children and Young People through education and training.
Happy Children Home